3 Examples of Social Business Software

1. Social Business Software From Business Plan Pro

Resume cloud [Photo by yanec] (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Business Plan Pro has created a special edition of social business software called Business Plan Pro: Social Enterprise Edition. Organizations that qualify as a registered nonprofit can save $100 off the retail price of this special edition software online.

The Social Enterprise Edition of Business Plan Pro was developed by Palo Alto Software in partnership with the Social Enterprise Alliance. It’s specifically designed to help nonprofit organizations achieve sustainability through earned income. The software provides an easy-to-use blueprint for planning a successful earned income venture, and includes Wizard task instructions tailored to social enterprises.

It also includes market analysis, strategy and implementation descriptions to produce an earned income sales forecast, personnel plan and financial statements. There are specific drop down examples included for social enterprises, along with a function to easily calculate your Social Return on Investment (SROI).

2. First Mover Fellowships Recognize Social Business Software Efforts

GDC Europe 2010 Talks, Conversations, Presentations [Photo by Official GDC] (CC BY-SA 3.0)

The Aspen Institute Business and Society program had announced its third class of First Mover Fellows, which includes three pioneers in social business software development.

Albert Cho, Director of Strategy for Public Sector in the Internet Business Solutions Group at Cisco Systems, was recognized or his work with partner organizations to develop innovative pilots and prototypes that could yield new markets for IT in the next five years. He recently led development of a Web-based tool for monitoring deforestation, and is now focusing on technology solutions to increase resilience in the public sector.

Jeff Wishnie is another First Mover Fellow who is the Director of Social Impact at ThoughtWorks, a global software development consultancy and leader in the Agile software development model. Jeff co-directs ThoughtWorks’ pro bono programs and works to expand the company’s commercial offerings to better serve mission-driven organizations ranging from NGO’s to social enterprises.

3. Social Business Software Ideas at OpenIDEO

OpenIDEO is a web-based platform that enables a growing community of people to create human-centered solutions to problems of a social and environmental nature. The site features some interesting social business software ideas.

For example, speech recognition software addresses inequality by enabling those with disabilities to communicate independently in the written form. Speech to text software helps level the playing field, and programs of this type are being designed to overcome a wide range of cognitive and physical disabilities.

People who use speech recognition software are enabled to remain in society or to enter society in a productive way, so it acts as a great equalizer. When people where were previously impaired from this form of communication are able to engage in the written word, it can greatly improve their sense of worth and well being.