Best Practices for Non Profit Website Designs

taking it up a notch [Photo by Robert S. Donovan] (CC BY-SA 3.0)

All non profit website designs can benefit from following some best practices in order to achieve the end result of a user friendly website that’s easy to navigate and uses appropriate design elements.

These basics are also true for corporate sites, but non profits have unique needs which go beyond the basics of good web design. Since non profits get much of their money from donations, their websites need to reflect this fact by providing information on their cause and making it easy for donors to get involved. It also should be media friendly in order to generate the most positive press coverage to help get their message out to the public.

A well-designed website can be very helpful in attracting new donors and enabling existing donors to make repeat contributions. In general, the online donation process should be kept simple, easy and painless for donors.