Cause Marketing Online

Taipei [Photo by Borya] (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Taking your cause marketing campaign online can allow both partners to capitalize on the power of social media and mobile marketing. These new technologies have already become essential to most marketing programs, and cause marketing is no exception. An online cause marketing campaign allows you to access a new tool set for fundraising and building awareness about your cause. It also affords companies with a great opportunity for branding and building their reputation and relationships with consumers.

If you are currently conducting offline cause marketing campaigns that you want to move online, there are a few strategies you can pursue. One way to proceed is to partner with group buying sites, which are sometimes willing to work with causes. Especially with the larger sites, however, gaining access to them can be tough for small non profits.

Another option for taking your cause marketing campaign online is to work with specialized services that simplify the process of fundraising with the major online retail and auction sites. These services provide a variety of options for non profits to work with online retailers. For example, they can choose to sell items on these retailers websites to raise money for their cause. They can also to choose to enable shoppers on the sites to donate directly to the non profit without the need for a purchase.

A third option if for sellers on online auction sites to donate a portion of the sale price of their products to a favorite non profit. In this case, the seller can choose the percentage of sales they want to donate and select an organization of their choice as a beneficiary. Other options for cause marketing campaigns include viral videos, email marketing, infographics, newsletters, e-books, and the use of other specialized online marketing tools. In the process of developing an online marketing campaign, you should begin with the same basic questions you would for an offline campaign. This analysis should include consideration of what your goals are for the campaign, how the campaign will benefit both parties involved, who the target audience is and what the primary action you want them to take will be.

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One of the keys to a successful online cause marketing campaign is to plan and build an online community as part of the campaign. You will also need to consider how you can get buy in from your in-house executives as well as from your desired partner organization. You will also want to consider how you can frame your campaign in the social media world, and the best ways to encourage people to get involved online.

Another option to consider for online cause marketing campaigns is to partner with an organization that enables giving through technology. These companies, which are often non profits themselves, can provide a wealth of technical expertise to create powerful online fundraising solutions for other non profits and corporate partners alike. The power of online fundraising is that it can greatly extend the reach of your cause marketing campaign and allow you to keep track of your online engagements. This makes it easier to communicate results of the campaign as well.