Cause Marketing Tactics

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Some cause marketing campaigns in recent years have resorted to shock and awe tactics to grab attention. Some have used nudity and other graphic images as a way of getting people to notice them, but is this approach really effective or can it be counter productive?

The answer depends on what outcomes you desire from the campaign. Given the fact that consumers today are used to seeing shocking and potentially offensive images in the media on a regular basis today, it may seem hard to shock anyone with a cause marketing campaign. However, marketers should not view this as a license to go to extremes because it is still possible to offend people when it comes to sensitive social and environmental issues.

If your advertising is so shocking that it offends rather than connects on an emotional level with your target audience, you have wasted money and time and damaged your reputation. When you are looking for the best tactics for your cause marketing campaign, you can turn to some books that are dedicated to the topic for ideas.

One of these is Cause Marketing For Dummies, which offers over 300 pages of advice and inspiring examples that will help you develop a successful campaign. The authors are experienced cause marketers who have developed successful campaigns for the large non profits and companies.

The book can offer a lot of value for smaller non profits and companies as well. It offers lots of creative advice on how smaller organizations can create win win partnerships through traditional cause marketing and online cause marketing campaigns. It also discusses the future of cause marketing as campaigns move into the mobile space on smartphones and location based services.

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Building an effective cause marketing campaign and running it effectively is easier when you follow some proven tactics and guidelines. While cause marketing will not generate huge profits, it is an important element of a successful promotional strategy. Your best asset in a cause marketing campaign is a sincere and authentic message and approach. It’s not about how much money you spend on the campaign or whether you have celebrity endorsers. True passion for a cause, when translated effectively into your marketing program, is sure to be noticed and appreciated by consumers.

Choice of partners is very important in this regard, as a company should select a non profit partner based on their credentials, area of focus, and good match in terms of size. Another factor to consider is that cause marketing partnerships are inevitably a cooperative relationship between two very different cultures. Due to this fact, clear and open communication on both sides is a priority and establishing some ground rules for the campaign that both sides can agree on is key for the start.

Implementing a tactical approach from the initial stages of campaign formation through the execution and stewardship phases is very important, as is using the best practices in the art of cause marketing. These are defined as practices which work well for both partners. Non profits will benefit from learning techniques that allow them to approach corporations with confidence and know the right questions to ask them.