Nonprofit Website Connects Volunteers

Nathan and the Gang [Photo by t-bet] (CC BY-SA 3.0)

A nonprofit website portal at the Volunteer Center of Northwest Suburban Chicago helps local nonprofit organizations to recruit volunteers.

The new portal is called HandsOn Connect, and it is a cutting-edge new system that will enable nonprofits with new capabilities, including advanced report generating functionality. Another website called 1-800-Volunteer .org was previously used by local nonprofits for volunteer recruitment, but HandsOn Connect promises to provide a more intuitive user interface, advanced data storage capabilities, and better support for nonprofits and their volunteers.

Local organizations like Odyssey Hospice in Arlington Heights have high hopes for the new software, which they hope will allow them to connect with volunteers who are turning to the internet to find opportunities for community service. HandsOn Connect provides a professional user interface that will provide NPOs with added resources, greater community visibility and the ability to offer new services as well.

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