TED Talk By Peter Eigen on Anti-Corruption

Peter Eigen Exposes the Corrupt

TEDxBoston 2010 Review [Photo by juhansonin] (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Peter Eigen was the head of the World Bank in Nairobi where he witnessed the corrupt state of some politicians first hand. He believes that there are two main factors that influence global corruption, which are the global economy and the government’s inability to govern the global economy.

This asymmetry causes failing and corrupt governments, and also leads to the exploitation of children. It’s also one of the reasons why making progress on global warming and other important international problems is so difficult.

During his tenure at the World Bank Mr. Eigen wanted to introduce policies to protect people from corruption, but as soon as he began this work the legal department interfered with the efforts. They said he was meddling in the affairs of partner countries, which is forbidden by the charter of the World Bank.

TED Talk By Peter Eigen on Anti-Corruption

TED Talk [Photo by jurvetson] (CC BY-SA 3.0)

A TED Talk by Peter Eigen on anti-corruption focused on some of the world’s most baffling social problems and their link to systemic and pervasive government corruption. Eigen also describes the thrilling counter-attack that was led by his current organization Transparency International.

He talked about how the large global economy and the limited capacity of traditional governments to govern it. The failure of governance in many areas open the door for corruption in the areas of the environment, the exploitation of women and children, and climate change.

He argues that what we really need is a capacity to reintroduce the primacy of politics into the economy, which is now operating in a worldwide arena. He thinks that the fight against corruption is probably one of the most interesting ways to illustrate this failure of government.