3 Examples of Social Investment Funds

1. Calvert Social Investment Funds

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Calvert Social Investment Funds is a leader in sustainable and responsible investing. Recognizing that investors want choice in how they meet their financial goals and impact corporate responsibility and sustainability practices, Calvert offers a range sustainable and responsible investing (SRI) strategies.

One distinct approach is the Calvert Signature Strategies Fund. This is Calvert’s original approach comprising two distinct research frameworks: a rigorous review of financial performance and a thorough assessment of environmental, social and governance performance.

A second approach is the Calvert Solution Strategies Fund, which offers a thematic approach to solving some of today’s most pressing environmental and sustainability challenges. The Calvert SAGE Strategies Fund is an enhanced engagement approach emphasizing strategic engagement to advance environmental social and governance performance in companies with potential for improvement in these areas.

2. Social Investment Funds Forum

The Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investment (US SIF) is a US membership association for professionals, firms, institutions and social investment funds that are engaged in socially responsible and sustainable investing (SRI).

US SIF and its members advance investment practices that take environmental, social and corporate governance criteria into account to generate long-term competitive financial returns and positive social impact. The vision behind the Forum is a world in which investment capital helps build a sustainable and equitable economy.

US SIF is a national nonprofit membership association dedicated to advancing the practice and growth of socially responsible investing. Forum members support SRI through portfolio selection analysis, shareholder advocacy and community investing. The 400 members of US SIF include many investment management and advisory firms, mutual fund companies and research firms.

3. Domini Social Investment Funds

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Domini social investment funds give shareholders an opportunity to be part of the solution to global problems. Domini funds engage companies to ensure they meet certain standards on global warming, sweatshop labor and product safety.

They invest in social enterprises that help revitalize distressed communities, bring new voices to the table and redefine corporate America’s bottom line. Domini specializes exclusively in socially responsible investing. They manage funds for individual and institutional investors who desire to integrate social and environmental standards into their investing strategies.

Each of Domini’s stock funds is actively managed based on an innovative strategy combining the strengths of Domini Social Investments and Wellington Management. Domini is responsible for the development and application of social and environmental standards, and Wellington is responsible for each Fund’s financial standards and portfolio construction subject to these standards.