3 Examples Of Youth Social Entrepreneurship

1. Youth Social Entrepreneurship Competition

Oct_06_044.png [Photo by heymarchetti] (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Ashoka co-sponsors the Staples Youth Social Entrepreneurship Competition, which recently announced winners for this year’s Nike Award and Seed Grant prizes.

The competition is a part of Ashoka’s Changemakers, a global online community that supports everyone’s ability to be a changemaker by inspiring, mentoring and collaborating with other members of the community at every level. Changemakers hosts collaborative online competitions to identify and connect the best social innovators and implementers.

Participants compete to raise the most promising solutions, and collaborate to refine, enrich and implement them. Changemakers builds on Ashoka’s legacy of transforming the citizen sector by building the largest association of social entrepreneurs in the world. Online competitions allow entrants to share their ideas, refine them through online collaboration and connect to the funding community. Participation in these open-source competitions is an excellent way for aspiring social entrepreneurs to connect with peers and gain global attention for their ideas.

2. Youth Social Entrepreneurship Grants

The Sundance Family Foundation offers youth social entrepreneurship grants to help support local organizations that help youth through social enterprise programs and entrepreneurial training programs. The mission of the Sundance Family Foundation is to support and strengthen family stability worldwide.

The funding initiative will make between one to three grants in this area in 2011, with grants likely to fall in the $5,000 to $25,000 range. The Sundance Family Foundation will fund youth entrepreneurship training programs and social entrepreneurship programs that incorporate a social value mission and practical methods for encouraging entrepreneurial innovation, skill development, accountability and sustainable funding.

The goal of the foundation is to support mentorship and leadership that will help young people to succeed academically, economically and personally. The Foundation invites proposals from organizations that involve youth actively in planning and leadership roles and provide entrepreneurship training.

3. Commission For Youth Social Entrepreneurship

yoof! [Photo by jon smith.] (CC BY-SA 3.0)

The Commission for Youth Social Enterprise is a youth social entrepreneurship organization in the UK at the cutting edge of research and understanding around youth social ambition and business.

The organization held a season of policy roundtables and discussions this year that were designed to introduce the concept of social entrepreneurship to young people in schools, youth centers, unemployment centers and universities. The mission of the Commission for Youth Social Enterprise is to equip future generations to make a lasting positive impact on their world.

The organization is the world’s first youth-led commission, created by 21 of Britain’s top young social entrepreneurs and launched at Her Majesty’s Treasury in November 2007 with support from The Cabinet Office, WHAT IF!, and UnLtd. The Commission’s research is truly a youth-led project, with young people leading the development of the hypotheses, conducting the research and interviews and analyzing the data.