Cause Marketing With Online Video

YouTube and Joost [Photo by] (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Using online video for cause marketing has become a popular tactic in many campaigns. This is evidenced by the large number of online videos on social media and video sharing sites related to a number of social and environmental causes and backed by corporate sponsors.

An excellent gauge of this trend is the fact that a giant beverage company chose this year to forgo its annual million dollar Super Bowl ad to instead launch a huge social media campaign with a cause marketing component. Online video sharing sites have long been use as a platform for cause marketing by a variety of large companies.

A global coffee giant has been cranking out videos on behalf of charities for years, as well as offering contests and viral marketing ads to get users involved in disaster relief campaigns and other social causes. Based on this accumulated experience, it’s possible to draw some general conclusions about what factors make a n online video component of a cause marketing campaign successful.

Video has proven to be a very effective way of simplifying your campaign message, and it can be also be optimized via SEO. Not only doe video make an excellent complement to your blogging efforts, but it also tends to travel farther than words alone. When creating the copy for your cause related videos, it’s important to think about how you can pack them with tags, descriptions and inks to your website which are placed in prominent locations so they are visible in the truncated description beneath your video.

Also, try to use words in your video title and description that people are most likely to search for. Online video as a cause marketing tool is a very effective way of reaching a younger generation, as well as a huge viewer base. It’s estimated that the largest online video sharing site receives over 60 million viewers each month. Younger viewers spend between 5 to 6 hours each day watching videos on these sites, and that these viewers also tend to have higher than average household incomes. Online video sharing sites give marketers access to a truly global audience with a large presence in Asian markets.

One of the key factors to a successful online video campaign is to keep your videos fresh, as this will get you higher rankings in the video search algorithm. You can also deal with this issue by removing your video and re submitting it to keep fresh in the rankings. Successful video cause marketing campaigns are about more than trying to game the video site search algorithms, though. You should put a major focus on translating the passion you have for your cause into creative videos that will resonate deeply with viewers.

Another goal of your videos should be to ensure that viewers enjoy watching them. With billions of videos being viewed each week on the major video sharing sites, and 70% of these views coming from outside the US, it’s clear that the global exposure you can gain for your cause makes this channel hard to ignore. Not to mention that it’s a form of free advertising as well. In terms of the most effective length for your videos, 10 minutes or less seems to be the best time frame.