Community Garden Non Profit Marketing

Clagett Farm CSA Week 10 [Photo by] (CC BY-SA 3.0)

For community gardens, non profit marketing can include selling their produce at local farmers markets. That is the approach of one nonprofit urban community garden program in New Jersey. City Green signed a 5 year lease with the city on the site of a former farm in Clifton.

The city was agreeable to the idea because they wanted to preserve a small part of its history. The organization is paying $1000 per month to lease the property, and will be investing over $75,000 into revitalizing the old farmhouse.

Eventually, they hope to locate offices on the property and install a commercial kitchen which will be used to provide local high school kids with cooking lessons. City Green also donates their extra food production which doesn’t sell at farmers markets to local charities serving the poor and homeless.