Fashion Charities Website

Oxfam online shop advert [Photo by net_efekt] (CC BY-SA 3.0)

A new charities website called CrushCrushCouture sells custom and designer jewelry at reasonable prices, and donates 25% of price for each item purchased to select charities.

Customers get to choose from among four major charities, including Direct Relief International, American Forests, Breast Cancer Research Foundation and Helping Every Animal League (HEAL). As the company CEO noted, the online jewelry market is worth over $8 billion a year, so if all jewelry sites were to donate 25% it would amount to over $2 billion going to charity.

The website makes shopping fun for customers with special monthly promotions highlighting an extraordinary jewelry designer and videos that provide inspiration on how to wear fashion jewelry. CrushCrushCouture makes good use of social media to keep fans up to date on the latest specials with frequent tweets and posts.

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