Micro Blogging for Cause Marketing

Sunset blogging [Photo by claeskrantz] (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Micro blogging is a great way to raise awareness for cause marketing campaigns and organize people to take action. It’s clear from recent protests in the Middle East that this can be a useful platform for organizing action by large groups of peoples, and a variety of social causes have found that micro blogging provides them with a fresh venue and tool for communicating their messages. These platforms should be viewed as one tool in a campaign rather than a complete solution in and of themselves.

Micro blogging sites can be an effective catalyst that offers free advertising for cause marketing campaigns to promote their message. Getting users of micro blogging sites involved in your campaign is much like organizing and managing an event. Getting users to meet up virtually via a micro blogging site is a wonderful way of generating excitement and buzz around your issue. Micro blogging has become a desirable cause marketing tool due to its potential for viral promotions as well as its huge user base.

It can be argued that all effective cause marketing is local at the core, and many large company’s are realizing this fact and acting accordingly. They are busy decentralizing the presence of their campaigns on micro blogging sites to feature local handles, and this is likely the shape of things to come. Some even argue that social media is helping to shift the balance of power back towards local business and non profits as it gives them a significant edge in cause marketing over national brands.

365.14 (Blogging) [Photo by kpwerker] (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Large organizations seem to be catching on to the trend quickly and adjusting accordingly, as they realize that customers in different regions have different questions and need which are best addressed by local staff in their area. Micro blogging sites go hand in hand with the mobile technology revolution, and require an understanding and incorporation of this technology into cause marketing campaigns that want to use micro blogging most effectively. For example, it’s highly recommended that these campaigns look at incorporating location based services into their tactics. These services allow users to check in to various locations, add pictures, take advantage of special deals and leave tips for other users.

Becoming familiar with this technology will allow you to see opportunities for cause marketing to play a role. Linking the social media and micro blogging aspects of your cause marketing campaign is also highly recommended because the two tools complement one another so well. Because micro blogging allows the posting of short updates and comments about a cause marketing campaign, it’s format is highly compatible with mobile devices and text messaging. Micro blogging provides an open forum for communication, yet it is also restricted to those who are connected to your channel.

The service has clear value as a
marketing tool for several key reasons. It is an excellent way for the leadership of corporations and non profits to engage in social media and better understand their markets. This allows them to connect directly with prospects, bloggers, customers and influential people and communicate their message in an unfiltered way. Due to the short nature of micro blogging updates, it doesn’t take a huge amount of time for executives to keep up with this form of blogging.