Social Enterprise Scotland

Dundee Social Enterprise Scotland

Collaboration [Photo by bengrey] (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Dovetail social enterprise Scotland is a manufacturer of contemporary furniture especially designed for hotels and guest houses.

The company was established in 1865 in the city of Dundee, and today employs local people with visual impairment and other disabilities. Employees are trained to a high level of craftsmanship in order to produce made-to-measure furniture. Dovetail has been working with award-winning interior design company Ashbank Design Studios to put together the new Mezzo collection, a package ideal for the refurbishment of hotel bedrooms.

They are also offering an optional professional design service for hotel owners who want a fully coordinated approach to room refurbishment. The design service will offer advice on colors, fabrics, wall coverings, lighting and more to create the ideal room scheme. The Mezzo range has been designed specifically for smaller hotels and guest houses.

Social Enterprise Scotland Wants Greater Role in Council Services

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The leaders of social enterprise Scotland have recently held talks with the local authority chief executives to bid for a greater role in providing public services. The Scottish Social Enterprise Commission represents many of the country’s 3000+ social businesses.

The commission lobbied councils for a leadership role on reshaping procurement practices to give social businesses and smaller companies a greater share of the spend. They suggested this could be accomplished through mechanisms such as community benefit clauses in contract tenders. The summit comes as the fast-growing sector approaches what many consider to be a tipping point that could transform it into a much bigger player in the Scottish economy. The new Scottish National Party government says it is committed to a sustainable procurement bill, which would oblige public bodies to make greater use of social and environment benefit clauses.

Social Enterprise Scotland Football Club

Richard Atkinson, the 37 year old director of the St. Mirren Scottish football club, is orchestrating its transition to a social enterprise Scotland club which would benefit the town of Paisley in many ways.

Atkinson is attempting to return St. Mirren to its supporters and community in a distinctly Scottish model of social enterprise, but it will borrow from the membership concept of clubs in continental Europe, such as Schalke ’04 and Barcelona as well. Supporters say the plan is visionary while critics say it’s hopelessly idealistic, but there’s no doubt that Atkinson has researched the scheme meticulously. The 2 million pounds in funding required is almost in place, provided by a number of social enterprise companies in the form of grants, soft loans and repayable debt to make St. Mirren a democratic, members club.