Social Media for Cause Marketing

Facebook [Photo by Johan Larsson] (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Social media can offer many benefits to cause marketing campaigns if it is used effectively. Using social media sites can be a great way for cause marketing programs to extend their point of sale programs which are already running on a local retail level. They can use social media platforms to get likes for both corporate and non profit partners, based on a strategy using offline retail coupons as a starting point.

By borrowing artwork from existing campaign flyers or creating new ones to use on social media sites, it’s a relatively simple process to then transfer this to a tab on your social media page’s nav menu. You can create this via an FBML app which does require some knowledge of HTML coding, but it can also be done via other programs. Labeling this tab with a header like “Discounts” or “Coupons” is a great way to get the attention of visitors. Some large corporations and their non profit partners are breaking new ground the use of social media for cause marketing campaigns.

Other organizations can learn a lot from successful social media campaigns, with one of the biggest takeaways being the importance of defining your campaign goals from the outset. For example, one large corporation that is a leader in social media cause marketing established goals of increasing awareness of the program online, engaging their existing customers and new prospects with the campaign, and making it easier for site visitors to share the program online. They also put a premium on establishing channels for two way communication between with visitors on the social media site.

Another tip is to use a different formats for your campaign wall postings. These can include a mix of news, questionnaires, relevant links and more. A good example to consider is how a large corporation uses cause marketing with a social twist in a real campaign. Recently, a large retailer in the US helped raise millions of dollars for charities through a cause marketing campaign that involved both in store and online promotions.

A Conversation [Photo by khalid Albaih] (CC BY-SA 3.0)

The social media aspect tied in when users were invited to vote for a favorite charity and then asked to broadcast their choice via social media to their friends in news feeds. In under a week over 40,000 votes were tallied, which was considered by the partners involved to be a highly effective result. This effort shows how the creative use of social media can benefit both charities and companies wanting to boost their brand message.

Cause marketing can give companies greater access to the coveted social media stream. Mobile cause marketing via social media is another niche that can be used effectively by non profits and corporate partners to generate more buzz for their campaigns. If they are not already familiar with the mobile marketing world, cause marketers need to brush up on the field before they do anything else.

The next step is to think about all aspects of the campaign and how these can be optimized for mobile platforms. Specifically, there are four key areas to focus on as a starting point. These are text campaigns, email campaigns, mobile websites and apps. Location based services and micro blogging are also areas that deserve a major focus in your mobile campaigns.