TED Talk By Katherine Fulton on the Future of Philanthropy

Katherine Fulton Consults on Managing Social Change

CAF Give As You Earn material, May 2009 [Photo by HowardLake] (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Katherine Fulton is president of the Monitor Institute and a partner of the Monitor Group. Her work combines her two passions for the use of private resources for social change and the connection between leadership and learning.

She has explored these themes through her leadership positions in consulting and journalism, as well as through teaching and volunteer service. Prior to her current position, Katherine was the co-head of the consulting practice at Global Business Network. Over the past decade she has helped organizations in various industries to manage in the face of increasing uncertainty on the global stage.

Her practice has grown to focus on the future of philanthropy and nonprofits, and she has given many important speeches on this subject. She is also co-author of two publications on the topic of philanthropy, and her efforts have won her a Nieman Fellowship and Harvard and a Lyndhurst Foundation prize for community service.

TED Talk By Katherine Fulton on the Future of Philanthropy

Red Cross's Annual Paint the Town Red Launch Party [Photo by Vivanista1] (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Katherine Fulton gave a TED Talk on her vision for the future of philanthropy and social justice. She argues that a global philanthropy industry is developing that is changing the old assumptions that people have about charity.

The entrepreneurial energy that is driving this change is propelling new leaders with new ideas for tackling some of the toughest social challenges. She believes that a democratization of philanthropy is taking place, where the average person today has more power to do good than at any other time in history.

She notes that philanthropy is not just about giving time, talent or money, and that Wikipedia is an example of mass collaboration that shows how big things can be accomplished for love. For example, wiki sites under the label WISER (World Index for Social and Environmental Responsibility) have launched which document, link and empower people to be aware of and respond to social and environmental threats.