Tips For Non Profit Online Marketing

Day 111, Project 365 - 2.10.10 [Photo by William Brawley] (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Some tips for non profit online marketing can come in handy for charities and social entrepreneurs alike. There are several special programs available to help non profits with online marketing, including Google Adword Grants, Facebook Causes, YouTube Nonprofit Program and Network for Good Charity Badges.

When it comes to accepting donations online, there are also many specialized options for nonprofits, including PayPal donations,, and Google Checkout for non profits. Blogs are another great way to get connected to potential donors and the community at large, but there are other methods to accomplish the same thing.

You can start a free wiki at, start a petition for free at sites like, and even find volunteers online at sites like Another good marketing strategy is to encourage other people to promote your cause by making it easy for them to email and bookmark content on your site.