3 Examples of Journal of Social Entrepreneurship

1. Journal of Social Entrepreneurship in the UK

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The exciting new Journal of Social Entrepreneurship in the UK will focus on social entrepreneurship and social innovation across a range of sectors and cultural settings.

The Journal will be driven by three key criteria, the first being sociality. This is defined as a strategic primacy being given to a clearly defined social purpose or public benefit that can be identified by organizational type, output or sector. This includes public benefit externalities such as positive environmental and sustainability impacts.

The second key criteria is innovation, meaning systemic change supplied to social and economic systems. The vision for the Journal is as a high quality, multi-disciplinary publication that embraces and encourages work on social entrepreneurship from a range of scholarly perspectives.

The third key criteria is market-orientation, meaning not just conventional economic market strategies but a wider overview of competitive landscape, funding outputs, accountability and legitimacy.

2. Journal of Social Entrepreneurship from New York University

An electronic journal of social entrepreneurship is maintained by editor Jill Kickul for the New York University Berkley Center for Entrepreneurial Studies. The eJournal distributes working and accepted paper abstracts along with course materials and broader field-building publications focused on social entrepreneurship broadly defined.

It is designed to be an inclusive space for all those interested and involved in social entrepreneurship research, teaching and action. The eJournal welcomes research that has applications to social entrepreneurship. Some of the topic areas featured include, but are not limited to, course materials, social enterprises, social entrepreneurial behavior, social innovation, origin/motivation, organizational strategy, funding, governance, institutions/organizations, methodology, theory building and data. The most recent issue of the eJournal for June, 2011 includes articles on communicating social entrepreneurship and the relationship between social enterprise and CSR, among others.

3. International Journal of Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation

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The International Journal of Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation (IJSEI) provides valuable insights into successful business techniques and strategies that are emerging in the field of social entrepreneurship. This includes theoretical perspectives, cutting-edge research and actionable solutions to identify problems that are of interest to policy makers, academics and researchers alike.

IJSEI is designed to serve as an effective channel of communication between these various parties and people who are concerned with complex global social issues as well. It aims to promote and coordinate developments in the emerging field, with the international dimension of social entrepreneurship being a particular area of focus. This is in order to help overcome cultural and national barriers to meet the needs of the global economy.

IJSEI is a platform for disseminating information and learning from the work of others. It publishes original papers, review papers, technical reports and case studies, with special issues devoted to important topics.