3 Search Engines to Target for Search Engine Marketing for Nonprofits

not quite clear on the concept [Photo by woodleywonderworks] (CC BY-SA 3.0)

I’ve been helping a number of Australian nonprofits with their online fundraising campaigns, and one aspect of that has been via search engine marketing.

Major Search Engines You Need to Target

From my experience so far, there are only 3 major search engines that your nonprofit, business, or social enterprise should really focus on. These three search engines can be used for SEO and for social networking for business and for charities. They are:

  1. Google’s search engine
  2. Yahoo!’s seach engine
  3. Microsoft Bing’s search engine

Nonprofit Marketing on these 3 Search Engines

If you were to just target one of them due a limited budget, the best search engine to taget would be Google’s as it has the greatest market share regarding search engine use, especially in the United States and Australia. It may be different in other specific countries, so it also helps to check the country-specific use of search engines.

So far, most of my online campaigns that I run use Google Adwords, which I manage for both a range of businesses and nonprofits. Nonetheless, I’ve also had some experience with the Yahoo and Bing advertising program. Interestingly, Yahoo and Bing have actually teamed up to offer 1 interface for you to run ads for both of these search engines, which makes it easier, ideal for social networking for business. You simply have to check out the Microsoft AdCenter website. It runs very much like the Google Adwords platform, and there are plenty of opportunities there, in terms of ads and keywords, that are often overlooked.