Best Charity Blogs

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Successful entrepreneurs, although successful, can learn a lot from charity blogs. I’ve been blogging for about 3 years now, and I actually started blogging on the internet while I was working for a non-profit humanitarian organization. Actually, it’s the largest humanitarian organization in the world – The United Nations World Food Programme. I’ve come a long way since then, including blogging full-time now, and I certainly understand the importance of blogging for charities and for cause. Here’s some charity blogs that may interest you!

Some Recommended Charity Blogs

Reading the best charity blogs can give those working in the social fields some great ideas about what other passionate and committed volunteers and organizations are doing for their communities. A good example is the Pink Diamond Blog, written by Jude Steele, Frances Gadbois and Debbie Milla.

These bloggers chronicle their mission of creating and producing jewelery which they sell to raise money for good causes. Miller, who survived cancer as a child, donates to the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation, while Gadbois donates to the Court Appointed Special Advocate to help neglected and abused kids. Steele donates to the charity Human Options which supports women’s causes.

Another great charity blog is called My Son’s Wings by Brooke Slusse, who writes about her struggles in dealing with the loss of a son and uses the blog to raise money for a related charity.

Fundraising and Blogging for Charities

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Blogging for charity is also a great fundraising tool, and there are some blogs which are exclusively devoted to fundraising activities for a variety of causes. For example, Future Fundraising Now is a popular blogger who produces quality content that educates readers on many different aspects of charity fundraising.

This site is highly recommended as a source of inspiration and insight. Queer Ideas by Mark Phillips is another blog that ranks highly for its detailed, insightful posts geared towards the UK fundraising community. BlueFrog Creative is a sister project to Queer Ideas, operated by Mark’s associate Aline Reed which is also dedicated to fundraising for charities. Beth’s Social Media Blog discusses the ins and outs of Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites as they relate to charity fundraising and promotion. The idea behind becoming one of a few successful entrepreneurs is to learn from the best and apply this to your idea.