Corporate Social Responsibility Example: Promoting Responsible Drinking

Molson on a Maple Leaf [Photo by Tony the Misfit] (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Even if you currently work in a company right now, you can help to create company programs that help to benefit the community, via corporate social responsibility initiatives. What is an example of CSR in promoting social responsibility with regards to drinking?

There are many good examples of corporate social responsibility today, as many corporations are seeing the business value in CSR initiatives.

These initiatives are helping to build valuable bridges between the worlds of charity and for profit business, with social causes being the big winners. Some corporations have learned how to apply their core business model to social initiatives in a way which gives them a huge competitive advantage while contributing to a better world.

For example, Molson Coors Canada is one large corporation which has used their influence to contribute to the promotion of responsible drinking. They have also taken great advantage of the new social media channels to drive this campaign home with a younger audience. To date, the company has spent more on education initiatives which promote responsible drinking than it has on promotional events for its alcoholic beverage brands.

The interesting combination of Molson Coors of their corporate social responsibility initiative to their core business (i.e. alcoholic beverages and responsible drinking) can demonstrate how you perhaps can approach your CSR. Perhaps your company’s mission can be expressed not only in a profit-making way, but also in a social impactful way via CSR. This can not only help to contribute to the local community, but also promote your broader corporate mission too.