Defining a Viral Video

YouTube and Joost [Photo by] (CC BY-SA 3.0)

A viral video is defined as a video clip which becomes well known via internet sharing. This can be a video used for your business management strategy and for online marketing purposes. This sharing typically takes place through a variety of channels, including blogs, email, instant messaging, and media sharing site.

Due to the nature of viral video, many ad agencies and companies see it as a desirable marketing strategy. Over 70% of advertising executives have advocated more of their budget toward viral video campaigns, yet a big budget is no guarantee of success when it comes to viral video marketing.

This strategy is notoriously difficult to execute, and the internet is already saturated with so many viral videos that it is becoming more difficult to stand out from the crowd. Those who have created wildly popular viral videos often attribute their success to pure luck.

Tips on YouTube for Charities

There are many advantages of using YouTube for charities, including the ability to execute viral video campaigns to raise awareness for your cause. There have been some great examples of cause related marketing on YouTube in recent years, such as the Stonyfield Farm/Honest Tea contest which was effectively timed to coincide with Earth Month.

This campaign used the idea of cooperative video to raise awareness on the health benefits and environmental advantages of organic beverages and foods. Due to the fact that both Honest Tea and Stonyfield Farms are organic food companies, it’s easy to see how their bottom lines benefit from the effort as well.

Another good example is the Dan Savage social video campaign called “It Gets Better”, which was sponsored by several for profit businesses and featured a custom video project.

Tips for Making Viral Videos

Wall of Web Swag [Photo by melissaclark] (CC BY-SA 3.0)

While the idea of making viral videos for YouTube and getting millions of views is intriguing, this is the exception rather than the rule for most internet video marketing campaigns.

Many marketers see the great potential in YouTube for their video campaigns to soar in popularity thanks to world of mouth, but the statistics show that most videos would have better odds of winning the lottery than becoming viral video stars.

A research study tracked 10000 different YouTube videos from the date they were posted for one month, and of these only one topped 100,000 views, a music video produced by a German DJ. When the same experiment was repeated several days later, 2 out of 10,000 hit six digit views. One of these was of a soccer mascot hitting a player and another was of a reality TV star’s new single. For business owners, you can add this test to your business management strategy and see the benefits for your business increase.