Effective Nonprofit Online Marketing

Google on Sony PSP [Photo by dan taylor] (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Effective nonprofit online marketing is all about understanding your market and building relationships. Having a website is important for validating your organization’s legitimacy in the minds of potential donors. For online business ideas, it can be an ideal way to learn from charities that have had huge success online.

The website should be appealing and user friendly, and it should provide a way for you to collect the email addresses of visitors so you can follow up with them later and build relationships. Since people of all ages today use the internet, online marketing is an effective way to target any demographic, including Baby Boomers who are for the most part very tech savvy.

That’s important because statistics show that this group provides over 50% of all online donations to charities. Members of GenX also tend to be more responsive to online marketing than they are to phone calls or mail.