Effective SEO for Nonprofits

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Effective SEO for nonprofits keywords should help boost your small charity website or to implement for your business strategy in the search engine rankings so that more potential donors and advocates can find your site online.

Search engine optimization is not that difficult once you do your homework. Fortunately, there are many resources available online to educate you on the SEO process, but keep in mind that advice for commercial SEO doesn’t always work for nonprofits and vice versa. Looking at references which are specifically written for the nonprofit sector is probably your best source of advice on SEO.

One example of a useful resource is the 30 Day Guide to Search Engine Optimization which was posted on Wild Apricot, and another is SEOBook.org by Aaron Wall. Small charities which can’t afford to hire professional SEO services can come up with their own effective SEO keywords based on free website analytics and business strategy reports.

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