Leadership Characteristics of an Entrepreneur

As we enter the new year, have you reconsidered your goals for the year? Why not be a leader this year. The world is starving for entrepreneurial leaders, both in business and in the social spheres. What characteristics or entrepreneurial skills do you need to be an entrepreneurial leader?

There are many leadership characteristics of an entrepreneur which set them apart from the crowd, including a strong sense of mission. Successful entrepreneurs are aware of their mission at all times, and it is this sense of purpose which helps to guide their decision making process. The best leaders will take the time to think through the mission of their organization in great detail and write down this mission in order to inspire themselves and others.

The best mission statements are clear and descriptive, making it easy for everyone in the organization to grasp, rather than being abstract or esoteric in nature. Successful entrepreneurs who are equipped with entrepreneurial skills also possess a clear vision of where they want their organization to go in the future. The trick to this visualization is that it should be concrete enough to be practical but abstract enough to allow for flexibility and imagination.