Low Cost Start Up Business Idea

Red World [Photo by faith goble] (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Many social entrepreneurs and even business entrepreneurs totally start from scratch even when they are still figuring out what business to start. Finding low cost start up business ideas can be very valuable to reduce reisk and to get you started immediately. Here’s one idea that you can probably start today!

Art for Fun, Money & a Cause

A low cost start up business idea can help you turn your arts and crafts hobby into a viable business on a shoe string budget. One recommendation for starting up this kind of business is to sell your art work or handicrafts at a craft fair or art show in your community. Some people have been able to earn enough from these type of sales to put themselves through art school, while others turn it into a successful entry to the art show circuit.

This can be linked to social causes too if you work with disadvantaged communities and have them sell their work. You could help to market or resell their work. Or another social entrepreneurial art idea could be to create artworks yourself that depict social causes or meanings, and you could donate a portion of the profits to a related charity.

Some couples who are both artists have been able to turn their work into home based businesses which generate enough income to cover all their expenses. This is a great idea for individuals still trying to figure out what business to start. The idea is to find something you are passionate about, start small and think big. For example, one couple in the Miami area make enough money from selling their sculptures at art and craft fairs to cover the travel costs and other expenses involved and make a nice profit.