Non Profit Social Network Startups

Kiva Piggy Bank [Photo by liewcf] (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Non profit social network startups are being founded by some Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, and they seem to be taking off in terms of popularity. Silicon Valley is where you can find inspiration if you are stuck on the question, what business to start? is the premier example of this kind of social network for good startup, and it has inspired many to pursue the a similar concept. Kiva’s network spread quickly via word of mouth, and it is likely to overtake companies like Citibank in the area of microlending in the near future.

The impact of Web 2.0 makes it clear that social networking is here to stay and that nonprofits can benefit from this just as much as commercial businesses can. In fact, some for-profit startups are looking to organizations like Kiva for lessons on how to harness the power of social media.

Advanta, for example, launched a credit card which they co-branded with Kiva, which is one of several new business partners that have been attracted to the nonprofit. This is a great example that can lead you to answering the important question of what business to start and where to begin.