Online Fundraising Gets Results: Case Study of EveryClick

Recently, I was contacted by a major global animal welfare organization to help them with their online fundraising campaigns. I’m totally excited about it, but the eagerness of this organization and of others that I am currently helping demonstrates to me the importance of online fundraising for nonprofits and online business ideas through social enterprises today.

Online fundraising can take on a number of various ways, as the internet is filled with creative ideas. Today, we examine the business model of Everyclick, a UK search engine with a cause.

Online Fundraising Case Study: EveryClick – the Search Engine with a Cause

Träume [Photo by Fundraisingnetz] (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Everyclick is an online fundraising organization for charitable causes which gets results. Since their launch over six years ago, the search engine company has raised over 2 million pounds for UK charities.

One of their hallmark programs is called Give As You Live, which makes it easy for consumers shopping online to donate to a charity of their choice via affiliate commissions. Everyclick notes that donations have been accelerating over the last three years, spurred by the company’s expanded online donation options.

Most of these options don’t require that users give a large amount. For example, they offer a selection of e-cards for a low price, with proceeds donated to selected charities. The company has also boosted their marketing to get the message out to more consumers through partnerships with charities and social media channels. This is something to learn when implementing your own online business ideas.