Social Edge 101

There are a number of other great websites and blogs supporting social entrepreneurship and good business ideas. One of them is Social Edge. Read more to find out 3 tidbits of info about the Social Edge website:

Skoll Foundation’s Social Edge

Skoll Connect: Welcome [Photo by Sarah Kennon] (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Social Edge is a program of the Skoll Foundation that was inspired by Jeff Skoll’s commitment to connecting people with a shared passion for social entrepreneurship.

It is a global online community where social entrepreneurs and other practitioners in the social benefit sector can connect, learn, inspire and share resources. Social Edge is sponsored by the Skoll Foundation, but has no connection to its grantmaking programs. Thus, participation in Social Edge is not considered as a factor in the Foundation’s grant decision process.

Social Edge first launched in June 2003 with the mission to connect social entrepreneurs, foster frank dialogue and promote learning from the best and the most disastrous practices. Every week, the site hosts two online discussions moderated by experts in the field. The site also hosts blogs ranging form the inspirational to the practical, and offers podcasts from leading social entrepreneurs.

Social Edge Blogs

One of the blogs linked on the Social Edge site is called Advancing Social Impact. This blog is where leading practitioners share actionable, insightful tips that are intended for immediate use by organizations to expand impact and achieve their mission.

The blog is a companion resource to the handbook Nonprofit Management 101, which highlights easy to implement solutions and related resources on critical issues like fundraising, earned income, social media, marketing, PR, events, board and volunteer engagement, lobbying and advocacy. Another blog that’s linked from Social Edge is called Africa’s Moment. The author of this blog, Magogodi Makhene, was born and raised in Soweto.

Her goal is to help create Africa’s missing middle-class through business innovation. To this end, she recently founded Zenzele Circle, an angel investment network linking sub-Saharan African startups with seed and growth capital and strategic partners.

Social Edge Opportunities

Ethiopia [Photo by babasteve] (CC BY-SA 3.0)

The opportunities section of Social Edge can be thought of as the “watercooler” of the site, where people can share the latest buzz on current events and opportunities. An example of recent posts to this section includes the 11Eleven Film Project. The idea behind this project was that on 11th November 2011, people from all over the world who have access to a film/video camera, photo camera and recording device were invited to capture this day in their lives.

The footage was then be submitted, where it will be collated and used for a 2 hours cinematic documentary, photographic book and world music album. 11/11/11 is a nonprofit venture which aims to raise money for organizations supporting the UN Millennium Development goals, and to bring people from around the world together through film, music and art.