Social Enterprise of the Year 2011 - Enterprise Community Partners

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As we continue on with the new year of social entrepreneurship in 2012, it’s always helpful to reflect back on some of the successful social enterprises and successful entrepreneurs that marked 2011. Why was Enterprise Community Partners named social enterprise of the year in 2011?

Enterprise Community Partners Named Social Enterprise of the Year 2011

Enterprise Community Partners has been named social enterprise of the year for 2011 by Fast Company magazine. Community Enterprise Partners, based in Columbia, MD, has worked tirelessly over the past 25 years to provide sustainable housing for impoverished Americans.

The organization has provided $9 billion in capital for low and middle-income housing, including $700 million in capital each year to affordable housing efforts, and has built thousands of green, affordable housing units across America.

In their quest to find new and innovative ways to fund clean, affordable housing, these successful entrepreneurs invented a mechanism to measure and collect construction related data, including real world information about construction, design and appliance choices that make the most impact on removing carbon emissions from the air. They’ve turned this rich data into a carbon offset fund, which helps to raise money for more green housing.

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