Social Network for Nonprofits From Facebook Founder

My social Network on Flickr, Facebook, Twitter and MyblogLog [Photo by luc legay] (CC BY-SA 3.0)

More people from across the globe are spending their time and attention on social networks. Finding guidance from the best of the best is great for your business management. Wouldn’t it be interesting to engage in a social network dedicated to good causes? Find out more below!

Jumo – The Nonprofit Social Network

One of the co-founders of Facebook, Chris Hughes, decided to build a social network for nonprofits. Specifically, his project is called Jumo which is a social network for connecting people to nonprofits.

Jumo will try to foster sustainable relationships between individuals and nonprofits to impact real social change in places like Haiti that have been devastated by disasters. Hughes wants to make it easy for anyone to take action, and he believes that the concept of relationship maps will allow facilitate this.

Jumo had launched a beta version, which will included a map of the relationships between people and nonprofits around the world. The platform will be divided into three components known as Find, Follow and Support, which will help people find nonprofits based on their interests, allow them to follow these organizations via updates, and support the organizations as well.

The Combination of Jumo and GOOD

I recently visited the Jumo website at and it seems that they are still in their testing and development phases. They recently announced that they are working together with the website GOOD to combine their social networking efforts, but I’d like to see it all come together.

Keep an eye out for what’s in store, and tell me if you know of any updates from the JUMO/GOOD team that has helped your business management propel.