Social Networking Non Profits on Net Squared

Alpha Working 3 [Photo by AdamSelwood] (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Social networking non profits can benefit from sites like Facebook and Twitter, and there are many examples of non profits which have used these sites successfully. Likewise, social networking for business can also make a huge impact on your branding and profits.

The first step to using these sites is to create an account for your organization or for a specific issue or campaign. You should include information on your organization and the issue you are campaigning for, and be sure to include a link for your web address as well.

Creating a blog to go with your account is another way to engage visitors to your page. You should do this even if you already maintain another blog on a separate site. Creating a group for your organization on social networking sites under the nonprofit category will allow you to engage in discussions on topics related to your key issues. Businesses can do the same, using social networking for business tools.