TED Talk By Richard St. John on Secrets of Success

Success Expert Richard St. John

Richard St. John one of a few successful entrepreneurs and who has achieved corporate success as a ten-year member of scientific staff at Nortel’s R&D labs, as well as entrepreneurial success as founder of the St. John Group. He’s won awards in business communications and become a millionaire, not to mention earned a black belt in judo, cycled halfway around the world on a ten-speed bike, ran over 50 marathons and climbed two mountains. He spend ten years researching the subject of success, including over 500 interviews with people like Bill Gates, Martha Stewart and the Google founders. St. John has also created one of the world’s largest databases on success, and through his research has discovered the 8 traits that successful people have in common. He wrote a best selling book on the subject called 8 To Be Great.

TED Talk By Richard St. John on Secrets of Success

BTT [Photo by Gustty] (CC BY-SA 3.0)

In his TED Talk, Richard St. John gives an overview of the factors that lead to success. He said that the first thing is passion, that people should do what they love and that the money will follow. The next factor is hard work,but when you are doing what you love then the work is also fun. The third factor is focus. In order to be really good at something you’ve got to focus on that one thing. Success also requires pushing oneself in both mental and physical terms in order to overcome obstacles along the way. St. John said kids in his high school talks often tell him that they want to be millionaires, and he tells them that in order to accomplish this they cannot serve themselves. Rather, they have to serve others something of value, because that’s the way that successful entrepreneurs get really rich. Persistence is another key factor, which means persisting through failure and CRAP (criticism, rejection, assholes and pressure.)

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