The Heart of Entrepreneurship - Harvard Entrepreneurship Article

Heart Of The Storm
Creative Commons License photo credit: JD Hancock

Businesses and social enterprises have come and gone over the years, and yet the entrepreneurial spirit which founded these organizations is still the same today as it was years ago. When you are thinking of what business to start, there are incredible resources that can be used to guide and inspire you for your next move. Check out this entrepreneurship article from Harvard about this core of entrepreneurship.

A Harvard entrepreneurship article from 1985 called The Heart of Entrepreneurship has some relevant tips for entrepreneurs and business managers today. The premise of this article is that it can be dangerous to stick to old ways of doing business and fail to keep up with the changing times. The entrepreneurial spirit is the answer to help business leaders break out of a sales slump by engaging creative people to innovate and create new services and products.

The article breaks down the wide subject of entrepreneurship and what business to start, into a useful anatomy and describes the way in which entrepreneurs approach a business challenge. Specifically, the entrepreneur will always look for the opportunity in a given situation and ask themselves how they can capitalize on it. This involves a process of identifying needed resources and how to acquire them.