Top Entrepreneurship Course -

Creative Commons License photo credit: StevenW.

Many aspiring social entrepreneurs with little entrepreneurial skills have been contacting me asking for some top entrepreneurship courses. Today, we review the top entrepreneurship course offered by Indiana University in Bloomington. Want to learn more?

Indiana University in Bloomington offers an entrepreneurship course which is considered to be one of the best in the country. It is known by students as the “spine sweat experience”, and students who choose this class must be prepared for a grueling but valuable learning experience. It involves month of hard work in business plan preparation for seniors who will graduate within a semester.

The course culminates with a formal business pitch to a panel of real angel investors, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists who are responsible for determining each student’s grade. Those students improving their entrepreneurial skills and who receive an A grade on their pitch are eligible to receive thousands of dollars to help cover the student loans they may have taken out, or to apply to the launch of a new business start up idea.