Trendy Website Design Idea for Good Websites: Replace Splash Screens

war of the roses [Photo by jm3] (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Some trendy website design ideas can help your website stand out from the crowd and win more online sales or online donations for your good cause-based website. This is a basic business strategy that can be implemented without a lot of funding. A new year marks a great opportunity to give your website a makeover using the hottest trends in website design to ensure your website doesn’t look dated.

For example, if you are currently still using splash pages you should consider a change because these are already out of date in the world of website design.

Instead of using splash pages, it is recommended that you use oversized logos and headers to make a favorable impression on website visitors. You can even use headers which take up the whole screen like a splash screen, yet do not require visitors to click on anything and instead just scroll down to see more of the page. As part of your business strategy, you can employ the right workers who have experience in building websites.