Where to Find Non Profit SEO Resources?

Apart from running this blog to inspire social entrepreneurship around the world, I’ve also been advising and helping several nonprofits in Australia to get started up on the internet, spread the word about their cause and raise more funds. SEO is a major source of traffic, and the following SEO resource if you’re running an online nonprofit campaign or even for your business strategy.

Start Your Cause via the Internet

Google Analytics: How to Identify Top Performing Sales Pages Across a Date Range [Photo by IvanWalsh.com] (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Non profits looking for professional SEO services have many choices, some which are available for free or at discounted rates.

Check our this website which lists out a really great list of SEO resources that could help your nonprofit, regardless of where you’re based or what services you provide. All nonprofits can benefit from improved visibility on the internet.

For example, it’s possible to get your charity pay per click campaign financed directly by Google grants. SEOnonprofit.com is an online resource that offers a free PDF fundraising guide geared towards beginners that can be a useful introduction to the topic.

Another excellent guide is called SEO for the Non-Profit Organization by Mary Pierce, while Michael Stein offers useful tips on his blog Organic Non-profit SEO. This can also be used for businesses on business strategy. You can also find more information on SEO friendly information architecture in apogee results, while the a practical case study on the topic is available from Bruce Clay’s Virginia Nussey. The case study focuses on how a water related non-profit achieved the objectives for its SEO project.