National Social Entrepreneurship Forum 101

National Social Entrepreneurship Forum in India

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The National Social Entrepreneurship Forum (NSEF)is a nonprofit organization in India which promotes social entrepreneurship among young people and healthy business management.

NSEF aims to empower students through practical exposure to the field of social entrepreneurship via hands-on activities. Their vision is to inspire and build people and organizations that can effectively respond to social challenges, lead the movement for grass roots development and provide a platform for social entrepreneurs to meet, collaborate, learn and develop their social innovations.

They work to accomplish this mission by facilitating resources for social entrepreneurs through mentoring and networking. NSEF also raises awareness about social entrepreneurship among entrepreneurs and youth, and participates and collaborates in programs to provide funding and knowledge exchange. By establishing and fostering an open forum for the exchange of ideas, they hope to achieve a positive impact on social well being ant the national and global levels.

National Social Entrepreneurship Forum Provides Impact for India

The National Social Entrepreneurship Forum (NSEF) is working to fill the gap in traditional university curriculum on the subject of
social entrepreneurship in India. It’s ironic that in a country with a high number of social entrepreneurs like India, curriculum at most colleges fails to give it much mention.

Very few colleges in India have societies dedicated to promoting social entrepreneurship and development through enterprise either. The National Entrepreneurship Network has done a commendable job in establishing and connecting hundreds of E-Cells in campuses all over the country, but there is still not enough focus on social entrepreneurship as a separate domain. This is where NSEF fills the gap.

Set up in 2009 by graduates from BITS Pilani, IITs and NYU, the forum aims to open centers of excellence throughout the nation and conduct workshops and other events to encourage students to get involved in the responsible business and development sector.

National Social Entrepreneurship Forum Connects India’s Successful Entrepreneurs

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The National Social Entrepreneurship Forum (NSEF) combed through 400 applicants to select its inaugural class for the Author Program.

This program places 25 top candidates in premier social entrepreneurship organizations across the country, including Samhita Social Ventures, Rangde, Industree, Zameen Organics, Saath, Source for change and Eksoch. Many of the selected candidates have had previous experience aborad, and some have worked at a variety of nonprofits or as business management trainees, and some are students from IIT-Bombay, Kharagpur, Gandhinagar, BITS-Pilani, Goa, St. Stephens, St.Xaviers, IIM-Lucknow, Anna University & VIT University.

The Author Program will work alongside the upcoming NSEF 2.0 initiative to popularize social entrepreneurship extensively through Web 2.0 media. Through contests like blogging, people passionate about social entrepreneurship and business management will get an international platform to highlight their ideas and experiences.