Nonprofits and Social Media Opportunities

Social Media Tubes - iPhone Background [Photo by Rosaura Ochoa] (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Even though the social media trend continues to sweep the world, nonprofits, businesses and social media have not had the closest relationship. Social networking for business or for a charity is a vital part of online marketing.

Many nonprofits still don’t recognize the opportunity they are missing by neglecting to engage with the social media world. According to a recent poll, this is a big mistake because 80% of all web users participate in nonprofit groups compared with 56% of non-Web users. For users of social networks the numbers are even higher.

What’s more, the research found that Internet users were more actively involved in nonprofit groups as well. One example of a charity which gets the power of social media is Charity: water. The charity even has a Director of Digital Engagement, who notes that the charity has always been focused online from the beginning, and that it’s the best way to target their base. Whether it is social networking for business or for a non-profit, it is important to instill social media strategies into your organisation’s plan.