Online Event Marketing for Nonprofits Solutions

Best of Events 2011 [Photo by eveos] (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Luminate is a new, cloud-based solution that makes online event marketing for nonprofits easier than ever. The innovative solution combines successful online fundraising techniques with online business ideas through a powerful CRM platform and cutting edge analytics to meet the demanding needs of large nonprofits.

Luminate allows organizations to develop targeted campaigns which incorporate multi-channel marketing to get results. Specifically, the solution integrates direct mail and other traditional campaign approaches with mobile, social and online technologies. The advanced analytics allow users to make customized reports to track the effectiveness of each piece of the campaign strategy and how these interact.

The software includes TeamRaiser, which is designed specifically for online event fundraising applications and ideal for online business ideas. It allows nonprofits to tap the personal networks of their top supporters and easily mobilize volunteers online. This software is currently used by the largest charity events in the United States to raise over 70% of their online funds.

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