Social Media Strategies for Nonprofits on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Centipede Participants in the 2010 ING Bay to Breakers [Photo by smi23le] (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Over 3 million LinkedIn users are either board members or employees of nonprofits for business social networking. There are also over 1,000 organizations which have included a LinkedIn page in their social media strategies for nonprofits.

In turn, LinkedIn is making efforts to be even more accommodating to nonprofits, with a new LinkedIn Nonprofit Solutions service launched under its LinkedIn for Good service. This is just the first step in the company’s efforts to engage with nonprofits.

They have also opened a learning center page that has ideas, tips and best practices for nonprofits wanting to take full advantage of the site. Another important feature of LinkedIn Nonprofit Solutions and business social networking is a discounted recruiting service, which will start at $400 per month. This service can help nonprofits to recruit volunteers, staff and board members which are the best match for their organization.