3 Social Responsibility in Business Examples

1. Organization for Social Responsibility in Business

Do something good every day [Photo by HowardLake] (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Business for Social Responsibility (BSR) is an organization dedicated to social responsibility in business. They work with businesses around the globe, providing business ideas to create a more just and sustainable world.

A leader in corporate responsibility since 1992, BSR works with a global network of over 250 member companies to develop sustainable strategies and solutions via consulting, research and cross-sector collaboration. BSR has offices in Asia, Europe and North America, and uses its expertise in environment, human rights, governance and economic development to guide global companies towards creating a better world.

Benefits of membership in BSR include exclusive access to an extensive set of solutions for companies to learn, collaborate and take action on corporate responsibility issues. This includes regular access to BSR staff around the world with relevant industry and issue expertise.

2. Social Responsibility in Business Magazine

Business Ethics is a magazine devoted to social responsibility in business.

The online magazine has a strong heritage in the fields of ethics, governance, corporate responsibility and socially responsible investing. Business Ethics was first launched as a print edition in 1987, with a mission to promote ethical business practices that serve the growing community of professionals and individuals striving to work and invest in responsible ways.

They do this be offering readers information, opinion and cutting-edge analysis about business and the intersection of business and society. A lot has changed in this regard since the magazine was first published, as ethics and governance have emerged as front-page news and top agenda items in corporate board room and politics as well.

Good corporate citizenship is now studied as a discipline unto itself, and sustainability has become a goal for small and large businesses alike.

3. Social Responsibility in Business More Important Than Ever

Steria wins major CSR award from NASSCOM [Photo by markhillary] (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Social responsibility in business is taking on more importance than ever, as consumer choice is increasingly shaped by a company’s reputation and impact on the environment.

This makes the need to adopt sustainable business practices more urgent for companies around the world. The Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry has created a Sustainability Network that aims to advance corporate social responsibility across the UAE by bringing together top business leaders to share experiences and demonstrate CSR leadership best practices.

The majority of CEOs now recognize that expectations with respect to sustainability are increasing, and the pressure to act is mounting as this issue gets more media attention. By integrating business ideas of sustainability across all operations, and closely examining practices with respect tot he workplace, marketplace and environment, companies can improve their public image and make the world a better place as well.