Applications by Google for Non Profits

bear with me..., i'm experimenting...! [Photo by gogoloopie] (CC BY-SA 3.0)

For nonprofits wanting to implement online business ideas, a great resource is Google itself.

A collection of applications by Google for non profits provides organizations with powerful communications and collaboration solutions that can be tailored to nonprofits of any size. Google Apps is a package solution with offers an array of tools like email accounts with your domain name which can increase the professional image of your organization at a lower cost.

Google Apps are so easy to use that no dedicated IT staff is required. US nonprofits with over 3,000 users can now qualify for the Google Apps for Business package at a 40% savings. Those with fewer than 3,000 user can receive Google Apps for Education free via the Google for Nonprofits site. Google apps offer the best of both worlds with simplicity and advanced functionality, and it’s easy to switch over to Google Apps from MS Exchange or Lotus Notes.

I’ve actually helped a number of nonprofits in Australia to implement online business ideas, including usingthe Google for Nonprofits program, which has been very successful for a number of them.