Ideas on Social Networking for Nonprofits

Networking Switch [Photo by felixtriller.] (CC BY-SA 3.0)
P1000104 [Photo by david_terrar] (CC BY-SA 3.0)

The Minnesota-based Sabes Jewish Community Center has been pioneering a new concept in cause marketing with some innovative ideas on social networking for nonprofits. This can be used also for social networking for business. Sabes JCC has created a unique social network which is based on bringing members with a shared passion for fitness together for good causes. They are using the Plus 3 Network, which is a California startup firm that converts exercise into charitable contributions. They do this by matching up individuals and nonprofits with corporate sponsors who contribute small amounts for each fitness activity completed, which can range from a yoga class to a mile run. The goal is to encourage people to lead healthier lives by appealing to their passion for social causes. The Plus 3 network has attracted about 400 Sabes JCC members since the program launch this April.