Measuring the Impact of Social Media for Nonprofit Organizations

Linear measurements...curled up! [Photo by hoshi7] (CC BY-SA 3.0)

How can you test the best business ideas and nonprofit strategies for our organization? You must measure. You can only manage what you emasure.

The impact of campaigns using social media for nonprofit organizations can be difficult to measure, even for the nonprofits themselves. There are some metrics which are more useful than others in measuring the ROI of social media tools.

The first of these is website traffic, which is an important metric to keep track of. If your website is generating little traffic, the goal of your social media campaign should be in quickly build this traffic as you build your social media base. You should look at the traffic logs for your website and graph the number of unique visitors so you can see how they are increasing over time.

Blogging is another important tool in the social media campaigns of successful nonprofits, and an e-newsletter is another effective communications tool which can benefit from social media to increase your subscriber list. There are metrics for seeing the effectiveness of blogs and e-newsletters. For instance, you can check the click through rate, the number of subscriptions, the open rate and the number of social network shares. These metrics can help you determine which are the best business ideas and online strategies for your organization.