Social Media for Charities as a Channel for Support

Social-media-addict illustration [Photo by] (CC BY-SA 3.0)
Social Media Landscape [Photo by] (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Social media for charities and social networking for business can be a great channel for gaining support for your mission and engaging people in conversation on a global basis. This provides a powerful platform for raising awareness on social issues and encouraging active involvement. One of the best ways to engage social media users is to write a blog post about an issue you are passionate about. A good example is a group of environmental bloggers who banded together in a joint effort to raise money from their readers. They asked for donations of just $1 per person causes like Kiva and Water for People, and their campaign included a way for users to vote on how the funds would be distributed among a selection of charities. Blog Action Day is another way for bloggers to help charities. This annual event involves thousands of blogs which commit to writing posts about a specific social cause on the same day, which will be October 15 this year.