Social Media Marketing Guide for Nonprofits

Notturno [Photo by gualtiero] (CC BY-SA 3.0)
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Studies show that nonprofits are acting as a social media marketing guide for other organizations and for business social networking due to their leadership in the sector. It’s not surprising considering their limited budgets often require them to search for the most cost-effective means of marketing. Nonprofits led both universities and corporations in their social media use, and they also proved to be more familiar with the latest social media tools. 89% of nonprofits today are using some kind of social media marketing, and many have reported that social media is a major component of their fundraising strategies. Nonprofits have been using many forms of social media to get their message across, ranging from blogging and podcasting to message boards and wikis. Social media is ideal for relationship building and engagement with stakeholders, which is another reason why the sector has embraced this technology.