Tips on Facebook for Nonprofits [Photo by] (CC BY-SA 3.0)
alternate version [Photo by mattcameasarat] (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Facebook for nonprofits or business social networking for good can be a valuable resource for raising funds, but it can also be intimidating for many nonprofits which lack social networking experience. One example of the power of Facebook to raise funds is the Haiti earthquake response, which raised millions of dollars from Facebook users for charities providing aid. Facebook is useful for much more than just natural disaster response, though, as it can work for any kind of nonprofit. Organizations have used Facebook to set up a store, purchase advertising and create applications to promote their cause. Facebook also provides a special resource page designed for nonprofits to help them get the most out of the site. This page gives detailed examples of how other organizations are using the site which can provide some useful ideas. It is recommended that nonprofits create a Facebook Page rather than a Group, since pages allow direct publication into the news stream. This would be the same for business social networking purposes.

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