Tips on Social Media for Nonprofits

twitter_Good_Bad [Photo by Rosaura Ochoa] (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Social media for nonprofits can serve as a great equalizer in giving even small organizations a voice.Thus, it can be a very innovative business strategy today. Social media can be an excellent tool for managing volunteer relationships.

Volunteers for an important base of support for many nonprofits, and an effective social media campaign can attract many new volunteers to your organization especially through the use of viral video. Social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn can help to connect organizations with corporate partners with whom they can build volunteer relationships and even arrange pro bono projects.

Social media tools like the #Volun Tweet hashtag and Facebook Pages are an excellent way to communicate your volunteer needs and engage supporters. Social media is also a great way to thank your volunteers for their help and publicize the results of their efforts. Overall, integrating social media in your business strategy can enhance your volunteer management and recruitment.