Best Business Ideas for Social Entrepreneurship

If you are looking for a new career you may be hesitant to enter the financial rat race that has defined so much of business life in the past. However, there is a new form of industry that combines the best parts of non-profit agencies, but is packaged as a for-profit company. This new line of work is called social entrepreneurship, and many people are leaving the traditional corporate work force and starting their own businesses as social entrepreneurs.

Best Business Ideas for Social Entrepreneurs from the Past
There are several companies that you are probably familiar with that exemplify the social entrepreneur and have been quite successful.

• Craigslist – This company started as an online bulletin board, and it basically still is. While it started just as a list of San Francisco events, it has grown much larger to over 700 sites in 70 countries. Instead of just being for one neighborhood or city, Craigslist has now branched out and is serving the needs of job seekers, shoppers, and house hunters worldwide. Even though the service is free to use, Craigslist does turn a profit. They have developed a model where large companies looking to advertise for new employees on a multi-city basis are charged a fee for listing. They now employ over 30 people, and are still have a public service mission, and have a relatively non-corporate culture despite being a for profit business.

• Maria Montessori is another example from the past, opening her first school for children in 1907. Today, almost everyone is familiar with the Montessori methodology for teaching children, and it continues to be a successful model. This is a classic example of social entrepreneurship – teaching a child is valuable to society, but she was still able to run a successful business around her idea.

Best Business Ideas for Social Entrepreneurs for the Future
• Senior Advocate – The world’s population continues to age, and with that the need for senior advocates is only increasing. A senior advocate would help fight Medicare claims and navigate healthcare bills, and provide a buffer or support system for family members who cannot emotionally support their older family members on their own.

• Wellness Coach – We have coaches for athletes, how about coaches for those that need extra motivation to get healthy? This career is especially timely considering the health problems the obesity epidemic that is rising with a passive lifestyle. This person would help devise meal plans, exercise routines, and keep you on task to a better lifestyle.

You don’t have to stay in a job you hate, just because the money is good. There are many careers out there for people that want to combine both a good feeling job and a paycheck you can live on.