Cause Related Marketing on YouTube For Divine Chocolate

Cause Related Marketing on YouTube For Divine Chocolate

A cause related marketing video on YouTube for Divine Chocolate promotes the delicious fair trade brand of chocolate that guarantees farmers of the Kuapa Kokoo co-op in Ghana fair prices for their cocoa along with a share of the profits, since the co-op also co-own the company.

The company was the first to launch a fair trade chocolate bar aimed at the mass market in 1998, and also one of the first to pioneer an exciting new co-op business model where the cocoa farmers in Ghana own shares in the company.

Kuapa Kokoo means “good cocoa growers”, and the co-op had a mission from the beginning to empower farmers in their efforts to gain a dignified livelihood, increase women’s participation in all of the co-op activities and develop environmentally friendly cultivation of cocoa.

Fair Trade Chocolate

Divine chocolate is made from cocoa butter that is bought from the Kuapa Kokoo co-op in Ghana at the guaranteed minimum fair trade price of $1600 per ton, which protects the farmers from the volatility of the market.

The co-op receives an additional premium of $150 per ton which it invests in its own projects to improve the farmers’ living, health and education, as well as to increase farm productivity. A percentage of the retail price of Divine chocolate goes towards producer support and development, which the co-op spends on farmer education and helping to maintain the values and vision of the co-op as it grows.

The farmers in the Kuapa co-op also co-own Divine Chocolate, with two seats on the Board to exercise influence over how products are developed, as well as to receive a significant share of the company profits.

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